Altar Server Schedule

Altar Server Schedule


The new schedule is here.  

If your child is not able to serve on a day they are scheduled it is his or her responsibility to make sure they find a replacement.  If a server is not present on a day they are scheduled it will count as a miss against them.  Three misses will result in a temporary removal from the scheduling list, and conversation with student, parent, and Fr. Timothy in order to develop a plan for showing up when scheduled. 

Two things need to happen when a server needs a swap/sub:   

  1. Find another altar server with whom he/she can switch (switching is better than subbing—we want your child to still have the opportunity to serve!)
  2. Notify the office by phone or by email that a switch has been made.  (this ensures that if the replacement does not show up the miss will count against the correct person)

Office phone: 218-728-3646
Office E-mail: 

If there is a family emergency please notify us as soon as possible that your child cannot be present.

Thank you!
God Bless,

Fr. Jeremy